G ood 'Morrow to you all dear friends




To this, the third incarnation of my website
I have designed all the pages and annihilated the code myself, to see if I could

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Watercolour Painting

I have recently starting to learn how to use watercolour
I did not realise how different and frustrating it is painting with watercolour than oils, to keep the transparency and freshness that looks so good when you get it right, but rarily to begin with.

living on the North Devon coast gives some spectacular painting locations, if only i could do it justice!

Attempting portaits in watercolour has got to be the ultimate, sometimes better results than others. I have uploade my first efforts which can be found here.....
watercolour painting
to hopefully see a gradual improvement


My Photography

Is all that lives and grows in the countryside that surrounds me,
a selection of my photos are in the photo gallery
landscapes, wildlife and the flora and fauna, but also the rich history of the area,
 that comes alive in the tiny parish churches and the great estates
Where the Vikings, Romans and Normans all came ashore here
settled and left their mark

My Poetry

I have loved poetry since first hearing John Betjamen reading his hilarious and synical verses
  on the wireless, almost fifty years ago. I have included snippets of his verses that I still read on the
John Betjamen page.
Since then I have attempted to write poetry, often in a hay field on a Summer evening,
 in peaceful seclusion as time and tide allow
Some of my scribblings can be found in My Poetry


Although I must admit that as my photography evolves and improves, writing is taking a back seat until more time allows